Britain's Got Talent

Highlights of this event

Simon Cowell commented would like to see us in the final. 

Out of some 120,000 acts chosen to be one of the 40 semi finalists. 

The hundreds of emails & messages of support we received

Urban Gypsies at the Semi Finals of Britain's Got Talent - 1

All started one rainy October day - went down quite genuinely for a fun day out - just to see what it was all about. Could not believe the 1000's of people that were lining up there. Thought no more about it and then a letter and phone call saying that we had got through to the live audition in front of the 3 judges and a live audience. We had to do exactly the same as at the 1st audition, music, routine, costume, everything. But only a week before we were due to go on they let us know that we could not use the song again because they could not get permission to use that track. So we only had a week to come up with something on "Rock the Casbah." The audience were booing the previous acts off. Piers buzzed very soon with the audience in uproar & Simon commented he didnt know why but he liked us. Amanda thought we were marvellous! So 2 yes votes got us through to the next stage. Unfortunately Simon made a comment about Anna needing a support bra which got picked upon by the media and dominated things a lot. 
So imagine our delight at having been chosen out of over 200 acts who had got to this stage to be one of the 40 semi finalists

Urban Gypsies at the Semi Finals of Britain's Got Talent - 2

Our act here was introduced by Simon who said "I hope they take themselves more seriously this time, we've given them the chance, so now it's up to them." The comments by the judges started off with Piers who still quite obviously disliked everything about us. Amanda said "I completely disagree with Piers, I thought it was very energetic and fun.... " Simon finished off by saying "Well girls we knew what you were all about, we asked you to put on a better performance which (speaking slowly and emphatically) I think you did, and you know, I think Piers it was incredibly condescending for you to say what you just said, you sort of insulted every woman in the country!" Then he said "I would like to see those pups in the Final!"

Urban Gypsies at the Semi Finals of Britain's Got Talent - 3

We did not get into the finals but given the fantastic standard of acts that had universal appeal we thought we did ourselves proud r& was an amasing experience. Also surprising for Simon who does not meter out praise lightly to say what he did. After the show had finished there was  one very nice bit of news to hang onto. At a gig afterwards here in Manchester, we were talking to an act who said they were in the canteen at a major TV centre and at the next table were people discussing the vote counting at the semi finals of BGT. They  distinctly overheard them saying that the Urban Gypsies came 11th in the overall number of votes cast. There is no way easy way we can verify this officially but it was a flattering thought.